Bloodstained Diary

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Bloodstained Diary

Postby Enrif » Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:32 pm

An old Diary, the Cover and the pages are stained with Blood and Dirt. It's written in daedric....

28th of Evening Star

I never thought that i would ever write a Diary. But what happened two Days ago...
My Parents and my Brother are dead. Killed by an Assassin of the Morag Tong. He even dared to address me when i entered our House, while he pulled his Dagger out of my Fathers body. My Brother lied in front of my Mothers body. The Assassin told me, that he was only ordered to kill my Parents and that my Brother tried to protect my Mother, so he had to ...get rid of him. I remember how my Blood boiled at that moment. My only thought was to kill that Bastard. But he painfully reminded me that his actions were "legal". I'm lucky that he only hurt and not killed me. But still this N'wah will pay for what he done. And the one who hired him.

Never cross a Dres
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Re: Bloodstained Diary

Postby Enrif » Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:35 pm

4th of Morning Star

Already a week past. My Uncle form Tear took care of me. He arranged that all the possession of my parents are now mine. I told him that he can sell everything until i get enough Money to hire the Dark Brotherhood. He agreed to sell, but he advised me not to call the Dark Brotherhood for vengeance. While the Morag Tong was legalized the Dark Brotherhood wasn't. But he had something in mind how we both can have our vengeance. I for my family, he for his brother.

5th of Morning Star

I wasn't surprised to found Shrines for Azura, Boethia and Mephala in my Uncles home. Many Dunmer honor the anticipations of the Tribunal. But still at that day i begun to wonder. Were was Mother Morrowind when a Child lost his Parents, were was the Master in my time to defeat an Enemy to my people? And why doesn't the Mystery appears to help me to plot my revenge?

7th of Morning Star

Today my Uncle told me something about the daedric Princes, the three good Daedra, the House of Troubles and all the other. I was not sure why he did that. He told me that the Morag Tong acts under Mephalas protection, the spinner, lies and murder are her domain. Uncle told me, there are two ways to get the Assassin. Ask Mephala for help, right now? No! Or ask one of the other Princes.

8th of Morning Star

I couldn't sleep this night. The idea of my Uncle is still in my head. So i took a walk out to the plantation. Only a few Guards, the Slaves were now in the Pens. I thought about all the Daedra and which one could help me best. Mephala was out of the competition. So Azura and Boethia left. Boethia who rules over deceit, conspiracy, secret plots of murder, assassination, treason, and unlawful overthrow of authority. Well, she would be the obvious choice. But what would be the price? I know from a book that Boethia doesn't care for us, only for the blood we shed. But who else? The House of Troubles was no option for me. Sanguine, Hircine, Peryite,Meridia, Vaermina and Namira wouldn't help ether. Making a bargain with Clavicus Vile is too dangerous. Hermous Mora, would be an option. Knowledge of who the Assassin was, and who hired him. But in the End my thoughts circled around in my head. The Night turned darker and then the Dawn come. And i think. No i'm sure in this moment i got a Vision from Azura. She showed me many things. Myself fighting Daedra at a giant chain from the Sky, me walking through the swamp with Argonians as my slaves, me in Robes and reading in books. But all that was covered in a shadow. Darkness i never saw before. The Vision shifted, a shadow striking down an Assassin. A Shadow striking down a Dunmer i never saw before. A Shadow standing right beside me. I turned around. Only the Darkness of the night. Then the first rays of the Sun and i looked at my own Shadow. Suddenly out of my own shadow a bird rises and flew away into the still dark morning.

3rd of Sun's Dawn

The rest of the last Month was eventful. My Uncles was busy selling the Property of my Parents when he found something among it. A Invitation to Shad Astula. I'm sure it was for my Brother. He showed early that he could be a Mage that could rival any Telvanni. But he is dead now. My Uncle insisted that i should go. But it felt wrong to take the place of my Brother, i would be everyday reminded that my Brother should be there and not i. A few Days later my Uncle come with a Present to me. A Necklace with three small bones. He told me that this are the Finger Bones of my Parents and my Brother. After the cremation, the ashes of my Family were added to the Dres family crypt, but my Uncle took this three bones, so that my Family is always with me, and with that my Brother would still be able to visit Shad Astula, through me. Well, and now i'm in Mournhold and wait for the Ship to Shad Astula. Me in Robes and reading in a Book. Well, the Queen of the Night Sky showed me that. And so i enlisted to the Acadamy of Leaders and Hero's, with my Brothers invitation and his name.
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Re: Bloodstained Diary

Postby Enrif » Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:12 pm

5th of Sun's Dawn

Yesterday was the introduction Ceremony for the newcomers. And it was surprisingly eventful. A pair of Hlaalu siblings caused some trouble it seems. Only one of them got an invite. The other one would only enter if someone else couldn't enter. I overheard that they mentioned that one spot should be free since the Accident that caused the death of my Family. It was hard to keep a smiling Face, while i talked to those two. I explained that only my Parents got killed, they don't need to know that my Brother is dead or that there was one more Son. Judging by their reaction they seemed angry.
Well, today i know why. An Assassin of the Morag Tong appeared in the Night and tried to kill me. I'm not exactly sure how, but i managed to kill him. The Writ he carried was signed with T.H. I'm sure he was hired by the Hlaalu Siblings, but none of their names start with a T. Also on the Writ stand "and don't fail again!". I will send the Writ and a Letter to my Uncle, he has to gather some Information for me.

Oh, and it seems this one was the same who killed my Family. He recognized me and start to talk something, but i really didn't listened to him. At least my Family got partial revenged.

But how was i able to kill him? He was far more experienced, stronger and faster then i am.
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Re: Bloodstained Diary

Postby Enrif » Thu May 01, 2014 11:18 pm

8th of Sun's Dawn

Shad Astula is a real challenge. The Lessons are difficult and complex. I wonder how my brother would do if he would here. The destruction magic class is one of the easier ones, but still more challenging than simply throwing fireballs. But i got a real good at alteration magic. I never thought i was good at it.
The remaining Hlaalu Sibling, a Woman called Veryu, gives me every time i see her a real mean look. No doubt, she is guilty. Soon. Soon she and anyone else will pay.

11th of Sun's Dawn

I got a Letter from my Uncle, seems T.H. is Theoron Hlaalu, Father of the Hlaalu Siblings. Finaly i know who is responsible for the death of my Familie. But he's on Vardenfell right now, outside of my reach. I have to make a Plan to get him.

12th of Sun's Dawn

Veryu and i, together with two more Students were choosen to go on a excursion in a few day's. The destination is Sheogorath's Tongue, an old daedric Ruin. And by accident it's close to Kragenmoor. I have to write a letter and prepare something. For a moment i felt sorry for Veryu, but then i saw my Necklace with the bones of my family. Theoron will pay. And i won't be so careless and leave someone who could turn on me.

15th of Sun's Dawn

In a hour we will depart from Shad Astula. I was able to convince the other two Students that they have to give me and Veryu some time together once we are the Ruin. A Story how i'm in love with her was enough to buy them.

16th of Sun's Dawn

We set a camp close to the Ruin. In the night i will sneak away and meet with a Kragenmoor Dres who will bring me something to cover Veryu's death as an accident. I wonder what this will be. The only information he got from me that it should look like an accident, in the daedric ruin and most importently that it shouldn't be able to be followed back to me.

17th of Sun's Dawn

It's done. Veryu is dead. A brilliant idea. I got a summoning stone from my contact. Once inside the Ruin i signaled the other two Students to leave me and Veryu alone. Together we walked deeper into the Ruin. Once i was sure we were alone i used the stone. It summoned an Winged Twilight. I never saw one before but i know that most of them were servants of Azura. Before i could give an order the Daedra glanced at me and i think i saw a nod before it attacked Veryu. It was fast and shred the throat of her. But Veryu was able to let out a scream which alarmed the others. I had to react quickly and attacked the Twilight. It tried to fought me but i could kill it, well as much as you can kill an Daedra. After that i had to play a sad face, to keep my cover in front of the other students, and they seemed to bought it as they left me alone the rest of the day. I'm not sure what will happen now. Maybe her brother will take Veryu's place in Shad Astula, maybe her Father will come to investigate. Which ever happens, i'll be ready to make the next strike.

Azura forgive me that i used one of your Servant's.
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Re: Bloodstained Diary

Postby Enrif » Fri May 02, 2014 6:28 pm

18th of Sun's Dawn

I could convince the other two Students that we stay a night at Kragenmoor before we had back. I wrote a Letter to my Uncle about Veryu's death and that he should arrange that Theoron get's the news as soon as possible. Maybe this will force him to come back from Vvardenfell. I was able to talk to the Dres from here, even if we share the same House it's generations since we shared the same blood. They said they will help me to do all that is necessary to achieve my goal. Among the Houses, House Hlaalu was always a thorn in our side. I guess the death of Theoron will benefit all of House Dres.

20th of Sun's Dawn

Back at Shad Astula. our group was one by one called to the Magister's telling why Veryu is missing. I'm sure the other two would hold to the story they saw. And i, well i dint lied. A Daedra suddenly apeared and attacked her. Nothing of this is a Lie. I need to keep a low profile and have to look sad at every mentioning of Veryu. Seems the other two were eager to share my fake love story.

21st of Sun's Dawn

That was fast. Veryu's Brother is now enlisted in Shad Astula. He heard the rumor about me and Veryu and questioned me. I have to avoid him for a time or until i can get rid of him or my cover could get busted.

22nd of Sun's Dawn

A Letter from my Uncle. Theoron got the news of the death of his daughter. According to the letter his heading to Sheogorath's Tongue. He won't find anything. Soon i get a chance to get him.

23rd of Sun's Dawn

Gyeleron, Veryu's Brother, he's behind every corner, having an eye on me. I make sure to not give him any opportunity to get to close to me. I may have to take action soon.

26th of Sun's Dawn

Gyeleron will go on a excursion a few days. I have to make sure he don't come back. I need an Alibi.

27th of Sun's Dawn

I left today Shad Astula, saying i have to visit my Uncle in Tear. This will buy me a few days. I rent a room in Mournhold under my real name. I have to be vigilant to not miss Gyeleron excursion group.

28th of Sun's Dawn

Gyeleron and his Group left Shad Astula today. They traversed through Mournhold going south. I followed them the whole day in the Shadows. They made a camp close to the border of Black Marsh. I could strike tonight but i wait until they are deeper in the swamp.

2nd of First Seed

This was easy. The group explored an old Ayleid Ruin, but they set their camp close to a River. A River full of crocodiles. During the night I was able to lure one of them to the camp. Well, the beast did all the work. It also killed one of the other students. Collateral damage, i have to send her family my condolence. But now i have to hurry to Tear. Or my cover story may break.

Nocturnal, your Shadows were most welcome. If i can ever pay the dept back, i'll try.
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