SEA Membership Information and Registration Instructions

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SEA Membership Information and Registration Instructions

Postby Caery » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:16 pm

Dune Sea Enterprises [SEA]
currently playing Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Are you looking for a guild that is mature, friendly and sociable? Do you enjoy being a part of and contributing to a community?


  • Over 16 years old and based in Europe
  • Friendly, helpful and committed members
  • Of all playstyles
  • Members who will respect their fellow members and the guild name
  • Willing to contribute to the activities of the guild
  • Willing to help promote the guild
  • Able to play for a minimum of two evenings a week during peak times (7pm GMT - 11pm GMT, approx.)
  • Of any character species, level and profession
  • New as well as veteran MMO players


SEA was founded in 2005, in Star Wars:Galaxies and known as the Dune Sea Desperadoes [SEA], where we had a good reputation for a high standard of roleplaying. The guild has been consistently lead by the same team, providing continuity and stability. We have retained the same tag whenever possible.

Seaverse is a contraction of our guild tag 'SEA' and 'universe'. It reflects the world we create through our RP, as well as our virtual online community.

To build a friendly guild community, across all playstyles, to grow at a steady rate and provide support for all our members. For all of our roleplayers to engage in exciting and immersive plots and our PvEers to succeed in all high end content. We make no demands for skills, build or equipment and participants can seek advice from more experienced members.

Guild meetings are held regularly to discuss concerns, arrange events and for new members to meet their fellow members.

Willingness to join in with guild activities such as quests, missions and dungeons, is expected and encouraged. These are held at least weekly and members are always welcome to arrange questing groups in guild chat. These activities are generally not RPed. We also have a steam group and a Teamspeak channel both which members are welcome to join.

This is the life blood of the guild and all members are requested to help keep it, and the guild website, active.

Our peak times for events and activities are between 7pm GMT, 12.00 PST, 3.00pm EST, 5.00am EST (Australia) and 11pm GMT, 4.00pm PST, 7.00pm EST, 9.00am EST(Australia). The guild may be active during the day and during night hours but the listed times are when most events occur and when members are expected to be online to participate.

All new members will have a 14 - 28 day trial period, depending on activity, so we can see how committed they are to the guild. This also allows the new member to see if they would be happy in the guild. Failure to complete the trial will result in removal from the guild. The Interviewers and Councillors accept that RL takes priority and if activity could be an issue, please inform your Recruiter if you are likely to be offline for an extended period during your trial.

Inactive members will be removed after 60 days, exceptions may be made in special circumstances. They will lose forum membership access, but will be able to post a request to return in the Introduction forum. Readmittance will be granted if the member left whilst in good standing and at the discretion of the Guild Officers.


Roleplaying is an aspect many of us enjoy, but non-RPErs are not expected to join in. However, they are very welcome to give it a try. We have a Game Master system, were plots are woven in with our overall story arc and each GM takes responsibility for a particular group. Our RP style is usually referred to as realism:

  • Realistic travel times
  • Accepting consequences of your characters' actions
  • Roleplaying within real time. In-game day/night cycle is ignored
  • Character progression, skills are not learnt overnight
  • Out of character when questing
  • Guild chat is out of character

Our SWTOR campaign begun with a group of spacers who were plummeted into a mysterious plot spanning throughout the galaxy. In their journey, these spacers have liberated the tatooinian outpost of Outmian Hasa from the Empire. Now they oversee its future as fellow comrades of the Dune Sea Enterprises.

On the surface, the Dune Sea Enterprises appears as a mercantile organisation from Tatooine whereas underneath we are a ragtag bunch of misfits who frequently come across mysteries and challenges and work unofficially with the Republic and Jedi to solve them.

A newcomer's journey into the Dune Sea Enterprises begins with a custom introduction into the story for any character of your choosing, being from any background imaginable in the SWTOR setting such as smugglers, entertainers, Jedi or Republic officers. Our outpost is equipped with facilities in which specialists such as doctors, pilots, dancers or security guards are welcomed to practice. We are not a themed guild and instead welcome a diverse cast of characters with each character contributing with their own skill and outlook to the story. Much like aboard the Ebon Hawk, Firefly's Serenity or Star Trek's DS9 Station, we are individuals from all paths of life working together to brave challenges while still getting back on time to protect our home, the outpost of Outmian Hasa.

Further information can be found in Roleplaying in the Seaverse
Our style of RP is explained in Realism RP in the Seaverse

Story arcs are not scripted and we have our Game Masters to assist members in getting involved and to develop their characters.

All members should have a suitable name that could also be used in an RP environment. Unsuitable names include clear imitations of canon/lore names and/or names not suitable to the setting. A potential member may be requested to apply for a rename or to reapply with another character that is more appropriately named.

Queries regarding roleplay and character background should be directed to Anshra.


All potential members must sign up with the forum before joining the guild. They should also use the name of their main character in the username field (please read the paragraph regarding the naming convention). In order to combat advertising bots, new forum accounts are manually activated, so you may only view the forums once the team activates your account. Please let us know in-game if your account needs activation. After that, you will have access to the Introduction forum, where you may post your application, informing us of when you can be contacted and your character's name for a brief interview.



See you in-game!


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